Is your skin really “immune” to skin care products?

After a period of use, your familiar cosmetic jars suddenly lose their inherent effects. Is this the time to say goodbye to skin care products?

Our skin is not naturally beautiful. Behind a healthy and beautiful skin is the extremely difficult skin care process. If skin care is compared to a “battle”, skincare is one of the “weapons” that is indispensable. Choosing the right care products is an extremely important factor. Once you’ve found the ideal cosmetic, you often have the habit of loyal to the product for a long time. And this is the time when rumors of cosmeticism were born.

Have you ever noticed that your favorite cream jars suddenly stopped working? Does your skin no longer have the shine effect like when it was first used? Is this phenomenon caused by your imagination or is your skin really “immune” to the cream?

Does cosmeticism really exist?


According to Paula Begoun – the founder of cosmetic brand Paula’s Choice Skin Care, the fact that the skin becomes acclimated or immune to skincare products is just a “myth” that is not practical. Usually, when you find the right cosmetic line, you will feel the noticeable changes in the skin. For example, the first time you use a serum, your skin becomes fresher and more vibrant. Or when treating acne with a specific cream, you feel the acne marks are significantly reduced. And after a long time of using, you gradually become familiar with the stable skin condition. This is also the main reason why the girls think that the cosmetics they are using are exhausted.

After a period of use, the familiar cosmetic bottle is still protecting and maintaining the beauty of your skin. Photo: Pexels.

In fact, your skin is still maintaining beauty every day. “Overrated” cosmetics are due to higher expectations for skin beauty. When a cosmetic cosmetic has “healed” the symptoms on the skin, the product will move into the maintenance phase. This means your skin will not become more beautiful. However, the skin retains a stable state.


Although the “immune” skin phenomenon is very unlikely, there are external factors that can affect the quality of the product. The first reason lies in the combination of your skincare cosmetics. Not all skincare ingredients can “make friends” together. And the combination of incompatible ingredients will reduce the use of cosmetics. For example, benzoyl peroxide can oxidize vitamin C. So you should not use these two nutrients together.

External factors are likely to affect the quality of cosmetics.

Environmental change is also a factor affecting cosmetic performance. Our skin is constantly exposed to polluted dust, smoke and sunlight. From there, free radicals will be stimulated to produce more. This is a harmful agent to the skin, causing the skin to darken and age quickly. The increase in free radicals causes the nursing products to operate at double capacity. This makes you think that cosmetics become weak and stop working.


According to dermatologists, you should listen to your skin. The products do not go away, but your skin may change. Therefore, the girls should change skin care products based on the needs of the skin. In particular, the change of weather and environment is one of the factors you need to consider. Besides, she should pay close attention to the steps of combining the ingredients. For various nutrients, you should change your skincare cycle. You can alternatively use the ingredients, evenly divided into morning and evening skin care steps.

Always listen to your skin’s needs.


To facilitate the absorption of nutrients from cosmetics into the skin, you should exfoliate 1-2 times / week. This helps to remove dead skin cells, softens the skin and absorbs more nutrients. In addition, always apply sunscreen to protect your skin and minimize the production of free radicals. Always store the product in a cool, dry place. She should note that always close the lid after use to avoid oxidation.

Following the steps of skincare properly will bring positive skin care effects.

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