Our in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese healthcare market, together with our distribution network covering all 63 provinces and our dynamic and well-trained staff are essential factors. core that we have gained trust from partners all over the world to distribute their products in Vietnam, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods and medical devices.

We regularly conduct training and application of new technologies to strengthen the core elements to optimize the business performance of our existing partners and create a solid foothold for New partners as they begin to establish a presence in Vietnam.

We are ready to welcome new partners and pledge to accompany them on the journey of health care for Vietnamese people. With us, every step of you is a sustainable development


The registration of product circulation with the Ministry of Health of the host country is always the key to open the door for your product to officially enter the market, regardless of whether your product is pharmaceutical or cosmetic. products, functional foods, or medical devices. However, unfamiliar and often changing regulations follow a fast-growing lifestyle in Vietnam can be confusing and take a long time to learn, even cost you a lot to overcome if unfortunately make mistakes and miss valuable business opportunities and still have not found a solution.

Partners choose us not only because of our deep understanding of the field of registration of healthcare products in Vietnam, but also because they believe in a holistic approach and Our insightful experience will give them the right key at the right time to open the door of opportunity for each product.


With approximately 97 million people and a population growth rate of approximately 1% per year, Vietnam is the 3rd most populous country among 11 Southeast Asian countries. Not only that, Vietnam also has a golden population structure with 70% of people in working age (from 15 to 64 years old). The above-mentioned population characteristics combined with an increase in people’s awareness of health have created a great demand for health care products, especially pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with market value. The school could reach over 10 billion USD in 2018.

We not only provide our partners with analytical data to help them gain an overview from the overview to the details of the healthcare market in Vietnam, but also provide helpful ideas based on on practical experience to help them make the right decisions and in accordance with the very unique characteristics of this market.


Freight forwarding, customs clearance, storage services (temperatures from -196 ° C to + 25 ° C) are services we can accommodate for a wide range of goods that our partners wishing to import and export to Vietnam market: vaccines, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, medical equipment.